Elliot Murtaugh

Elliot Murtaugh is the second to youngest son of Jimmy Murtaugh in the second Cheaper by the Dozen film. He's probably 13 or 14. Like his siblings he's athletic and likes to cross on the Seadoo. It is implied that he can knee-board. Elliot develops a friendship with Sarah Baker and asks her to the movies. "I hope you're still on for tomorrow" are his exact words. He gives her a parting gift; a kiss on the cheek. He goes to the movies with her to watch the Lion King. Their fathers ruin their hang out. It is implied that Elliot has a crush on Sarah.

He rebels against his father and keeps hanging out with Sarah. Elliot thinks that she is cool. When the Bakers leave after lunch at the Boulders, he says 'bye' to her. Sarah shyly waves back and gets into the car.

Elliot is in the 8th grade and plays the timpani. He is also a honors student and plays football, basketball and likes to skateboard. It is shown that he can do tricks on his board.  

When the Murtaughs discuss their tactics for the Labor Day Cup, he waves to Sarah. His father tells him to stop acting all 'nicey-nice'.He is the second one to jump out of the canoe. He also waits with the rest of the Bakers/Murtaughs while Nora Baker-McNulty is giving birth.

In the second film, Elliot Murtaugh is played by Taylor Lautner.