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Nigel Lake Baker (born April 13, 1998) is the youngest of the family with his twin brother Kyle. He enjoys playing with his father and he is nasty to his teacher.

Nigel is the first one who agrees to go to the lake for he claims with Kyle: "We'll go to any places that has our names in it." Nigel's second name is Lake because that's where he was conceived, according to Tom. He then proceeds to ask what conceiving is, along with his brother Kyle. Jessica opens her mouth to explain but Kate cuts across her, telling him that she tells them when they are much older.

He mostly plays with Kyle at Lake Winnetka and he assists his brother and sister Sarah when the latter is going to play a prank on Jimmy Murtaugh. He's the one that tosses the meat to her when everyone's gotten together at The Boulders.

Nigel goes with his father and twin to the Labor Day Cup games and asks Kate if she comes to watch them. She replies with; "Well yeah, maybe after I've fed everyone and..." He says 'oh' and heads off. When Kyle, Nigel and Tom arrive at the scene of the Labor Day games, Jimmy taunts them, asking if he hadn't got enough volunteers. Tom bravely tells Jimmy that they're all he's got and that it's enough to beat them. Jimmy responds with: "We'll see Baker." The rest of the Baker crew arrives after Kate had given them a peptalk. He, along with his family, helps to get Nora to the hospital in time to deliver her baby.

In both films, Nigel Baker is played by Brent Kinsman, the identical twin brother of Shane Kinsman, who plays Kyle Baker
Shane Kinsman actress

Kyle Baker


Nigel Baker

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