Noreen "Nora" Baker-McNulty (born February 6, 1981) is the eldest of the Baker children.

Nora is 22 years old and has honey blonde hair with sunny highlights. She has a boyfriend named Hank, whom her younger siblings didn't like strongly. Nora is an ambitious young woman and is usually roped in to babysit her siblings. Nora lives in an apartment with Hank. When Kate goes on her book tour, Nora comes around to the Bakers' house, trying to tell her dad about a job she got, but he did not listen. Nora appears to have dumped Hank after Mark goes missing and he doesn't seem to care. In the last scene Nora is sitting next to Kyle (or Nigel) and dishing up some Christmas dinner.

Nora McNulty is portrayed by Piper Perabo.

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